Mapleton City Council

Beth LarsenMapleton, Utah
I have known Jessica since she moved to Mapleton and I have been so impressed with her kindness and her amazing knowledge of everything and her willingness to help and make life better for all with whom she comes in contact. She is patient and firm as she learns about what makes a city and a country better. She really does care about our beautiful city and all of the people who call it home. She will be a great asset to us and she knows what it will take to keep it the city that we all love.
Jason NackosMapleton, Utah
One of the problems with the city council over the past couple of years was a lack of information and transparency. Jessica has already proven that she'll provide more visibility, as she has consistently provided a breakdown of each city meeting she has attended. She has posted this information on social media where she willingly discusses her views with whomever engages her in conversation. If you doubt this, check out her Facebook page "Jessica Egbert for Mapleton City Council." She doesn't have an agenda or business dealings that she is trying to protect, just a desire to serve her community.
Roberta JamesMapleton, Utah
Jessica has concrete and specific ideas on how to solve Mapleton's problems and preserve its unique character in the face of growth and development. Her promises are not just rhetorical but workable. I believe she is willing to put in the time and effort to reach out to Mapleton residents to inform them of pending issues and listen to their feedback as evidenced by her campaign. As a resident of Mapleton for over 50 years, I endorse Jessica Egbert for city council.
Dave Lainhart Photo
Dave LainhartMapleton, Utah
I first learned of Jessica's leadership abilities when she was one of the 40 Under 40 for Utah Valley Magazine. Since then, I have been very observant and very impressed on how she has a "People First Leadership" approach. This can be viewed throughout her entire campaign. She has had a straightforward, honest, pragmatic approach and I like her willingness to have crucial conversations about the topics at hand with anyone who is willing to talk to her about it. That is a leader that we all need to represent us well here in Mapleton.
Marcie PerritonMapleton, Utah
Jessica is more than qualified for City Council, but even more important is how genuine she is in wanting to serve our city. I have no doubt she will listen and find solutions for issues at hand. She will educate and inform our community. With the growth Mapleton is experiencing, I am so grateful to have someone like Jessica running.
Jessica Devenish Photo
Jessica DevenishMapleton, Utah
Jessica Egbert is the right choice for Mapleton. Her genuine concern for the interests of citizens, exceptional preparation, and broad skills are exactly what we need on our City Council. I'll be voting for Jessica in the primary this August and again in November!
Stephanie Evans Photo
Stephanie EvansMapleton, Utah
Jessica is what Mapleton City needs right now. She is energetic about our community, she is very transparent and will be a strong voice for the people! Jessica is very knowledgeable about our beautiful city and the desires of its residents.
Kelly WosnikOwner, Bristol Health & Founder, CCD Smiles - Mapleton, Utah
I’ve known Jessica for 3 years and have worked with her in civic, church and professional roles. I’ve been nothing but impressed by her skill base, work ethic and accomplishments. She is a genuine and kind individual and a fearless and capable leader. I fully support Jessica for Mapleton City Council.
Dr. Richard P. NielsenPresident, Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions - Provo, Utah
Eighteen years ago, I asked Jessica Egbert to help me do something few can even imagine – to build a university. Her hard work, innovation, integrity, and intelligence have resulted in new systems, processes, policies, and traditions that value people, outcomes, and quality of life. Her efforts have brought local and national recognition for the university and she has likewise received local and national accolades (e.g., awards, publications, leadership service, invited presentations). What makes Jessica unique is a combination of analytical, innovative, and people-centric skills. She perseveres through challenges and discovers new ways to solve problems – often in less time and under budget – while inspiring and elevating others along the way. Jessica takes initiative to learn and understand complex situations so she can make informed, mission-driven decisions. She is willing to get her hands dirty to solve problems and support her teams; she is a valued mentor to so many. A skilled strategist, communicator, and compassionate friend, I strongly endorse Dr. Jessica Egbert for the Mapleton City Council.
Cory MaloyUtah House of Representatives (District 6) - Lehi, Utah
I've had the privilege of working with Jessica for several years now in community service and business. I consider her a professional colleague and friend. If there is one thing I've loved observing about Jessica, it is her commitment to her family and community. She is not afraid to tackle anything that will benefit the people. This includes solving problems, addressing issues, and proactively developing new strategies and direction. She has a remarkable ability to listen to and consider other's perspectives respectfully. She is about action and accomplishing great things, which is what she has done many times in her life and career. She has the talent, passion, and ability to help the citizens of Mapleton City skillfully manage growth while maintaining the virtue and charm of a small Utah town. Jessica Egbert has my full support and endorsement for Mapleton City Council.
Chris YadonLehi, Utah
In working with Jessica, I have noticed her keen ability to bring strategic direction into practical solutions. She understands the importance of big ideas, but more importantly how to make those big ideas actually come to fruition.
Heather SchrieverMapleton, Utah
Jessica is an engaged, knowledgeable and enthusiastic Mapleton resident. Her demonstrated leadership and organizational skills will be an asset to the city and its residents. Jessica seeks out differing points of view and has the ability to synthesize information and come to well-reasoned and well-informed decisions making her a perfect fit for the Mapleton City Council. I am confident she will preserve our amazing community and lead Mapleton City toward a great future!
Brian Morris Photo
Brian MorrisVP of Operations, The Leavitt Group - Riverton, Utah
I had the opportunity to serve with Jessica on the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. Jessica is intelligent, hardworking, organized, and a role model for everyone. She will represent the citizens with passion, common sense, and integrity that we so desperately need in government. She would make an outstanding member of the Mapleton City Council.
Analee McGill Photo
Analee McGillMapleton, Utah
I have known Jessica for years and have always known her to be honest, organized, forthcoming, hard-working, and determined. She demonstrates great leadership attributes in all of her endeavors. Her commitment to Mapleton and its citizens is exactly what our city needs right now. Her transparency along with her dedication to communicate makes her the right candidate for our city.
Cheryl ConnerCEO, SnappConnerPR - Highland, Utah
I have known Jessica Egbert for a number of years both as a professional executive and a community member. She is one of the most committed and productive people I know. In a world that is filled with stresses, she is committed to making a difference and is proactive and genuine about everything that she does. Mapleton would be well represented by her service.
Kristopher GuntherMapleton, Utah
I have known and interacted with Jessica over the past year. She is well informed about the good and the not so good relating to Mapleton. She is well organized and would represent our city very well.
Val HaleOrem, Utah
Jessica is an exceptional person who has the skills to listen to others and get things done. Those skills are invaluable for public officials. She would be an effective member of the Mapleton City Council.
Mary CraftsFounder, Culinary Crafts - Spanish Fork, Utah
I have a known Jessica for over 10 years. I have found her to be a woman of the highest integrity. She is a get it done kind of gal that is also a good listener to the concerns about others. Mapleton City would be very fortunate indeed to have a caliber of councilman such as Jessica! She has my highest endorsement!
Rachael HarrisOwner, Hobble Creek Design - Mapleton, Utah
Jessica’s passion and dedication to finding out what is right and how it will best serve the citizens of Mapleton is what is most refreshing about her as a candidate. She doesn’t have a personal agenda or give in to biased policies just because it is what has always been done. I am confident Jessica’s leadership can and will take us through the next chapter in Mapleton’s history and come out better for it! Her proven leadership and service within the countless organizations she has served on and led, makes her the most qualified to represent Mapleton on the city council. She has my vote. I would ask you to join me in voting for Jessica Egbert.
Dave Williams CEO, DKW Ventures - Sandy, Utah
There a few people I have known through my 40 years of professional life that have what it takes to make a difference to mankind. Jessica is one of those rare gifted people who truly can, wants to, and will make a positive difference for her constituents. I would vote for her in any public or private role she chose because she will get the job done.
Kjirstin YoungbergKEY Productions - Mapleton, Utah
Jessica Egbert is a breath of fresh air like the Hobble Creek breeze. She has lived in the area for many years and finally reached her goal to settle in Mapleton. She is brilliant, structured, and has vision that doesn't include cutting up every square inch to sell to housing developers. Jessica is a proven leader, with great ideas, who enjoys getting to know people on a personal level, and listening to their desires for a better community. She then figures out ways to accomplish these goals. My first vote this year is for Jessica Egbert.
Holly Olson Photo
Holly OlsonPartner Strategies, MaritzCX - Orem, Utah
I had the pleasure of working with Jessica in the women's organization of the United Way.  I was immediately impressed with her kindness, confidence, and warmth.  She is a very personal, highly intelligent and motivated woman with exceptional people skills. I highly recommend casting your vote for her in the upcoming election, she would be a perfect addition to the Mapleton City Council.
Janae Moss Photo
Janae MossEntrepreneur & Philanthropist - Provo, Utah
Jessica is one of the most amazing people I have ever met, and I meet a lot of people. Jessica has a strong ability to research complex topics, break them down into a manageable size, and find workable solutions to fix the issues at hand. I have seen Jessica do this, successfully, in many settings -- including on the board of the Chamber of Commerce, on retreats where she spoke to women leaders in Utah County, within her own work setting, and more. It is rare to find someone that is as "book smart" as Jessica, that can also relate with any person she meets. She is humble, personable and funny! Mapleton will be blessed to have Jessica on their side!
Jeanette BennettOwner & Editor-in-Chief, Utah Valley Magazine - Cedar Hills, Utah
I've crossed paths with Jessica for more than a decade in the business community. I've interviewed her for Utah Valley Magazine and BusinessQ, and I've observed her in non-profit settings and leadership roles. Jessica stands out as a leader because she takes charge, she has a vision for what needs to happen and the steps to get there. I wholeheartedly endorse Jessica for Mapleton City Council based on her character, integrity, intelligence and work ethic. She will work tirelessly to figure out the best solutions for the city and its residents.
Chip Cook Photo
Chip CookMapleton, Utah
I serve with Jessica in a volunteer organization, and from my first experience with her, I quickly learned that she is an efficient problem solver and a 'get-stuff-done' kind of person. She is a thoughtful and circumspect in considering options, and detail oriented in every response. She is the type of leader and public servant our community needs.
Mary Street Photo
Mary StreetFormer Orem City Planning Commissioner & City Council Member - Utah County
I’ve had the privilege of working with Jessica Egbert for over a decade through the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce. Jessica is a good listener and a problem solver. She is passionate about the quality of life in our community. She would be a great addition to the Mapleton City Council.
Suelyn MasseyOwner, Lollipop's Childcare & Preschool - Mapleton, Utah
I trust Jessica to lead in our city. She is well-prepared for the job and has impressive leadership, professional, and educational experience. She listens to others and understands the facts. Plus, she’s responsive to citizens! She’s the right person for Mapleton and I’ll be voting for her in November.
Angie MorrisMyCPA Accounting & Advisory Services - Highland, Utah
I've worked with Jessica for several years through the Utah Valley Chamber. Jessica is truly a champion for the organizations she is involved in, and there have been many in the years I've known her. She listens to understand, helps determine goals to move the organization forward, and is fantastic at keeping the group accountable to the plan. Jessica will work hard on behalf of the stake holders of Mapleton City . She is an amazing leader that wants to make a difference and is willing to work hard to make it happen.
Karen YoungOffice Manager, Northern Title Company - Goshen, Utah
I have know Jessica for many years, during this time, I have seen her elevate many organizations to a much higher level. She has donated a lot of her time helping others. She is a great friend. Jessica will be a wonderful addition to Mapleton, which is the town I grew up in.
Scott Bowles Photo
Scott BowlesProvo, Utah
Jessica is intelligent, passionate, and motivated to help guide her community into the future. In both her professional and personal life she lives above reproach and can work with people from all walks of political, social and economic status. This is exactly the type of leadership and personality we need to direct local government affairs.
Leialoha Pakalani Photo
Leialoha PakalaniProvo, Utah
Jessica Egbert’s finest strengths are in her ability to be inclusive, supportive, encouraging and exemplary as it pertains to higher education administration, corporate leadership, developmental teaching, small business support, and relevance in relationship building. She is a real woman’s woman with passionate skills, real-time know-how and communication prowess which is so needed in city councils today. I know that the city of Mapleton needs someone who is qualified, credentialed, relevant and careful about key representation and Dr. Egbert fits the bill. I highly endorse Jessica Egbert for Mapleton City Council.
Michelle McCullough Photo
Michelle McCulloughBusiness Strategist, Author, & Speaker - Provo, Utah
Jessica is an excellent choice for Mapleton City Council. I have had the opportunity to work with her on a couple of occasions and I have been impressed with her long standing interest in civic matters as well as her dedication to understanding the issues that matter most. She provides insights as a professional, a community leader, a mother and a human who knows how to see both sides of an issue and pragmatically weigh in - as well as move forward by taking strategic and decisive actions that make a difference. Any city would be lucky to have her “at the table”.
Tyna-Minet Anderson Photo
Tyna-Minet AndersonVice President, Mortgage Educators & Compliance - Pleasant Grove, Utah
I have known Jessica for nine years and I have always been impressed with her skill and ability to work with people from all backgrounds. I served on a board with Jessica and we all enjoyed our time with her. She could always be counted on to do what she said she was going to do and to work hard at improving our organization. I have also been able to distantly observe her work in other organizations and have noted that she brings the same work ethic to all she does. I highly recommend Jessica for Mapleton City Council. I know that she will be an asset to the community.
Cynthia Gambill Photo
Cynthia GambillAlpine, Utah
When I think of Jessica, I see an accomplished, determined, organized, problem-solver, and motivated lady. Her life experiences have shaped her into the person that will exhort an objective mind and a sympathetic heart. Egbert will get things done! She looks through a problem, analyzes it and arrives to a solution after proper consideration and research. Her academic background combined with her natural skill set will make the type of leader that any citizen would be confident and honored to be counseled by. All combined with a sophisticated and sharp sense of humor, a much needed talent in this present political climate, that makes for a well-rounded, fair-minded City Council. So… rest assure out there in Mapleton, if I were your next door neighbor, I would vote for Jessica Egbert…I trust you will too!
Michele BatesVice President of Marketing, Kuali - Provo, Utah
I have had the pleasure of serving beside Jessica on numerous boards over the last decade and I have rarely seen anyone as committed to her community. Jessica has served the non-profit sector as a volunteer and leader with a commitment of countless hours raising scholarship funds and building learning opportunities across sectors. Her desire to serve and commitment to her community are unparalleled and when you couple that with her breadth of experience she would be an incredible asset any City Council. With family in Mapleton, I'm energized to know there is someone like Jessica in their corner.
Logan Wolf Photo
Logan WolfPastor - Provo, Utah
I have sat next to Jessica at events sponsored by the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce, at board meetings for the American Red Cross, and at breakfasts at Chick-fil-A. In every setting it is apparent she loves people and she loves her community. No doubt that love has led her to run for public office. I endorse her as a candidate.
Locke Ettinger Photo
Dr. Locke EttingerDirector, Rural Health Association of Utah - Bountiful, Utah
Excellent leadership. Visionary. Connector. Honest. Action oriented.
Anjali Pai Photo
Anjali PaiDirector of Staff Development - Salt Lake City, Utah
I have known Jessica for several years serving together on a nonprofit board. Jessica is a leader who can help people strategize multiple priorities to solve problems while supporting each person to feel heard. Jessica represents the type of smart and compassionate leadership you want in Mapleton for your community and families!
Julie HatchettOrem, Utah
Jessica and I have worked together on community boards and planning committees. She quickly earned my respect for her critical thinking, collaborative attitude, and especially for getting things accomplished in a timely way. She will be a tremendous asset to the City of Mapleton because she is a positive force for good.
Emily Flake Photo
Emily FlakeMapleton, Utah
Jessica has done her research and has talked to so many people in Mapleton to know how to best meet our needs!
Jeff WellsMapleton, Utah
Jessica is the most engaged and well thought-out candidate I have observed and I would trust her with life improving analysis of all important issues relating to our fine community. I support her wholeheartedly.
Dr. James W. PhillipsDirector of Business Analytics, jwpResearch - Saratoga Springs, Utah
I endorse Jessica Egbert in her run for Mapleton City Council. I have known Jessica and her husband for about 12 years as our careers and interests have crossed paths many times during this span. I find Jessica to be someone who communicates effectively about the issues that face our community. She has a well-rounded education, but more importantly, uses it effectively. She is the kind of person we want involved in civic participation. I support Jessica in her run for city council and hope that Mapleton voters do too.
Linda P. Walton Photo
Linda P. WaltonPresident, The Walton Group - Highland, Utah
I've known Jessica for many years and we have served together on various committees and boards. She has been diligent, full of great ideas, knowledgeable about the community and honest.
Joy ColemanCEO, Choose Joy! - Lake City, Florida
She is well versed in taking expressed wants/needs, building them into an actionable plan, communicating that clearly, and with strong input, creating a reasonable plan of action. She is a team-player from start to finish, fully recognizing success takes multiple perspectives to support community growth. Her intentions are honorable and well thought out. You couldn't find a better City Council Member.
Kirt Michaelis Photo
Kirt MichaelisCPA - Orem, Utah
Having worked with Jessica both in a board service position and within her role in education, she is a person of integrity and vision. She possesses the skills needed to navigate the challenges of city government to move the City of Mapleton in a positive direction.
Angie Walker Photo
Angie WalkerFarmington, Utah
I have had the joy of working with Jessica for the past three years on a nonprofit board. She is an exceptionally talented leader who is passionate about serving others. Her depth and breadth of experience would be a tremendous asset to the city of Mapleton. I highly recommend her for Mapleton City Council!
Laura FolkmanOrem, Utah
Jessica is brilliant, caring and dedicated. Always reliable. Always works above and beyond.
Steve Scutt Photo
Steve ScuttMapleton, Utah
I have spoken with Jessica several times, regarding the path our city is on, and I feel she would be a great asset to our community. She displays an energy and intellectual knowledge of the city codes and expectations of the people of Mapleton.