Meet Jessica

Creative Problem-Solver, Leader, & Strategist. Community Advocate & City Council Member. Workhorse. Dog-Lover. PhD Mama. Proud Nerd.


The daughter of an Air Force officer, Jessica spent her youth learning to value the diversity across people and places. Often asked where was her favorite place to live, she answers, “I liked them all. Everywhere has something unique to offer.”
She feels the same way about people.
Jessica’s background in strategic planning, leadership, and education have instilled collaborative values that allow her to rally teams and produce data-driven outcomes. “My headstone will read, ‘She cared.’ and/or ‘She got stuff done,’” she chuckles.

Hard work, innovation, and continuous feedback have helped Jessica excel in her career. “I bring a good balance of visionary and process-oriented; I optimistically look towards and plan for the future, but I also get my hands dirty to get the work done in a systematic manner that allows others to feel engaged, have ownership, and mitigate risk.”


For over 18 years, Jessica has worked at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions RMUoHP), a graduate healthcare institution in Provo, Utah. She is often heard noting that it’s much more meaningful to build a university than just to work for one. Jessica values RMUoHP’s entrepreneurialism and vision, but also the ability to affect positive change in the organization’s growth and, ultimately, towards improving the quality of healthcare.

Currently, Jessica is the Executive Vice President of Strategy and Engagement. Within Strategy and Engagement, her role is to advocate and lead data-driven assessment, continuous improvement, decision-making, and strategy; promote institutional recognition and build strategic relationships; and, fuse data and story to demonstrate University mission fulfillment.

Jessica currently serves in a variety of community and leadership roles, including:
  • Mapleton City Council
  • Utah Women in Higher Education Network - Board of Directors, Executive Committee Advisor
  • Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce - Board of Governors, Executive Summit Planning Committee, Education Committee
  • Utah Valley University - Community Advisory Council
  • BusinessQ Magazine - Editorial Board
  • American Council on Education - Women's Network Executive Council
  • Provo City - Economic Development Strategic Plan Steering Committee
  • Utah Department of Commerce Division of Professional Licensure - Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon Licensing
  • Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities - Peer Evaluator

Previously Jessica also served as the Board Chair for the American Red Cross Central and Southern Utah Region and the Board Chair for the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce’s Women’s Business Network.

Regarding her diverse responsibilities, Jessica commented, “I have the best job. I get to be both an introvert and an extrovert. This satisfies my data-junky side and my interest in building communities and networks.”

In addition to her roles at RMUoHP and in the community, Jessica is an entrepreneur who has provided business strategy consultation to dozens of businesses and organizations.

Professional Achievements

Jessica is a frequent regional and national presenter on topics such as strategic planning, communication, influence, career development, networking, accreditation, and leadership. She is also the recipient of numerous industry and community honors and awards for excellence in achievement, leadership, and service, such as:
  • Chamber Champion, Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Board Recognition Award, American Red Cross
  • Fab 40, Utah Valley Magazine
  • Presidential Award of Excellence, Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions
  • StartFEST Beehive Award, Beehive Startups
  • Special Recognition Award, Utah Women in Higher Education Network
  • 40 Under 40, Utah Valley BusinessQ Magazine
  • Fellow, Federation of State Medical Boards

Jessica is a published author whose original or co-authored works have appeared in a variety of publications, such as:
  • International Journal of Web-Based Learning and Teaching Technologies
  • Forbes
  • American Council on Education
  • American Council on Education - Women’s Network
  • Association for Institutional Research
  • Women’s Leadership Institute

Jessica holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a master’s of education degree in instructional technology, and a doctor of philosophy degree in educational leadership. Her dissertation research on non-cognitive factors within hybrid doctoral education was published in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Web-based Learning and Teaching Technologies.

An advocate for lifelong learning, after her degrees, Jessica additionally completed certificate programs in financial management and advanced leadership and the Political Development Series from the Women’s Leadership Institute.

Visit Jessica’s LinkedIn profile for more career details.